Drawn to Art – How SLA Students are Expressing Their Creativity Through Sketches

Courtesy of Nakeyah Williams

This year at South Lancaster Academy, Pastor Nino is offering an art class as an elective, as opposed to the drama class he taught last year.  The students in art class this year watch videos to learn more about famous artists and to learn from their artwork. So far, they have made several sketches in the class. Many of these students had a lot to say about their sketches.

In art class, a lot of the time students get to pick what they want to draw. Many times they draw a picture with a meaning that is special to them. Sophomore Amber Sanchez said, “Personally, I like to draw things that describe how I feel or what’s on my mind. One time I drew Jesus on the cross and pictures of different sins that we commit surrounding it.”

Sometimes, the inspiration for the students’ sketches are the videos they watch in class about artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Michaelangelo. In fact, almost all of the people in art class have sketched portraits of the two artists, and each of them have put their own twist on the portraits by adding little details into their sketches that are all unique and different from each other.  Junior Alyssia Cutler said, “Michaelangelo is my inspiration because his drawings are cool and tell a story. They have emotions behind it and art should always have emotion behind it.”

Some of the people in art class are best at specific types of drawings. Some prefer to draw cartoon characters, nature, portraits of themselves or others, or anything that they decide expresses their unique artistic skills. Junior Xoyo Colon said, “I like to draw cartoon characters because they require you to use your own ideas and they have a lot of emphasis on details and colors. Sometimes I try to expand on other people’s ideas.”

It sounds like there are many talented artists at SLA this year. It’s great that they are using the skills that God has given them to create beautiful sketches.


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