Crusaders and Bears Forever Rivals?

Photo Courtesy of Allysia Cutler

In the eyes of the SLA Crusaders (5-1-4), Abby Kelly (11-1-4) is their rival. Whether or not this is true is only decided by the students of SLA. They Crusaders and Bears had their rematch game on Monday, October 22, 2012, from their last game on September 21. Their last game didn’t end how the crusaders had wanted. The SLA Senior had all been on a class trip and the team morale was crushed with out them. The Senior guys tried to pump of the energy as much as possible for this game.

SLA has four seniors on the soccer team this year and all decided to get in on a prank in attempt to make the rest of the team psyched for the game. The seniors decided to use a weird reverse physiology and trick the underclassmen into believing they were not going to be able to play the game. The boys started right away in the morning by telling Sophomore Igor Yoshida that Senior Helio Ferriera was not able to play because of a low-grade in Pre-Cal. Ethan Comley said the coach wasn’t allowing him to play for skipping practices. Adam Gagnon was at an appointment and was unsure if he could make it back. David Cady said he just didn’t feel like playing. At the end of the day when the seniors announced that they were all available and eligible to play the game a wave of relief and surge of invincibility swept over all the underclassmen.

With the seniors back it made for a much more interesting game. In the first five minutes of the game the score was 1-1, the goals scored by Clement Boaheng from the bears and a header from Kurtis Bakerliss of the Crusaders with the assist from Helio Ferreira. It didn’t take long for Kristian Albarracin, the number one shooter in the state, to score for the Bears. It didn’t take long for Crusader coach, Henrique Deoliveira, to read the game and put Junior Pablo Horfano on Albarracin to defend, results were immediate. Albarracin didn’t score again. At 51 minutes Adam Gagnon headed the ball into the goal with an assist from Kurtis Bakerliss. The game remained the same with a goal attempt  from Yoshida but he was unsuccessful. The final score was 2-2.

Both teams seemed disappointed with the outcome of this game. It is clear that they want a rematch. In both teams eyes it’s quite clear they are rivals but it’s still up to the student to decide. Who do you think is SLA’s rival.


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  1. I scored the first goal for Abby Kelley and my name is CLEMENT BOAHENG

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