2012 Fall Festival Draws Over 500!

On October 20, 2012, South Lancaster’s annual Fall Festival Event was held. Aside from other years, in which the event was held either in the AUC Field House or on the SLA Field, this time the Fall Festival took place in the SLA gym last Saturday night from 7:00-9:00 pm. It was a hit from the start, all arrivals were greeted with an elongated line extending outside the entrance doors. The gym overflowed with liveliness, each grade had set up their tables to begin fundraising. Churches were welcome to reserve a table, along with the parents of students who wished to take part. A bounce house was set up for the children, and various sales were going on.

Each grade was given the opportunity to have a table and/or an interactive activity to raise funds for their class. The Senior Class contributed the jail, along with going around selling vegetarian scallops and nachos. The Juniors sold fried dough, rice, beverages, and an art banner where you can buy a square and draw whatever you want, leaving your mark for remembrance. The Sophomores sold pop corn, candy, delicious root beer floats, and contributed a video game station as their source of interaction. Lastly, the Browning classes of 7th and 8th grade sold candy, Brazilian cheese bread – always a huge hit, hot dogs, and a whole continuing list of attracting food items along with a grooming table and face painting. Churches and different individuals set their own tables for the purpose of next years upcoming mission trip, pathfinder groups, or the 3-way-plan.

Each class was able to gain a large profit off what they sold, the Freshmen Class coming in first with over four hundred dollars with their sale of candy apples, empanadas, and paint ball.

“Fall Festival was good! I really enjoyed myself.” Junior Azalea Warner-Walton says when asked on her opinion on her Fall Festival experience.

Judging by the outcomes for each grade and the people amount of people who attended, this years Fall Festival was a success! Hopefully future festivals throughout the next years bring the same or even better results.


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