Current Students Defeat Alumni in Annual Basketball Games

On Saturday night, October 6, the current varsity basketball teams of  South Lancaster Academy played against the Alumni teams in their annual Alumni Game. Unlike last year, both the guys and the girls varsity teams were able to emerge from their games victorious.

The girls game started off relatively even with neither side scoring much in the first few minutes. Eventually the SLA girls were able to warm up and start getting into a flow. Led by the likes of junior Elena Shand and senior Melodie Kukome, the girls were able to establish a solid lead. Despite their increased productivity, the alumni team never backed down. To make up for their height disadvantage, the alumni resorted to outside shooting. Despite a competitive game the current varsity girls on.

Before the guys game started many of the guys and girls participated in a three point shooting competition, sponsored by alumni… The goal of the competition was to see how many three point baskets a participant could score within an allotted time. After a sudden death match with junior Lucas Raposo, senior David Cady emerged as the winner for the SLA guys. For the alumni, Shawn Santana, class of 08. Senior Melodie Kukome beat out stiff competition to win the girls shootout. After the distribution of the $100 cash prize to each of the winners, the guys prepared for their game.

The final event of the evening, the guy’s alumni game, proved to be a nail biter. Despite the current varsity maintaining a lead throughout the majority of the game, the alumni team was right there with them through the whole game. Led by the likes of Cuco Ramos and Daniel Duran, class of ’02, the alumni proved that they could still keep up with the current students. Despite a tough final run by the alumni, the varsity guys, led by seniors Ethan Comely and Adam Gagnon, were able to come out on top.

When asked how she enjoyed the evening sophomore Lisa Gifford said, ” I enjoyed it. I thought it was a good warm-up for the season, plus it was fun kicking my mom’s butt!”

When asked how he enjoyed the evening, Mr. Lambert, class of ’02 said, “It was fun to get back out on the court and relive my glory days… of being a bench warmer for the Crusaders. I haven’t played with some of the guys on my team for ten years. It’s nice to see all the alumni return. I thought the three point contest was a great idea and I think they should keep doing it.”

The Alumni game is a big tradition at SLA. It allows current students and former students to get on the same court and have a fun evening.


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I'm a proud Christian, above average sports fan and I'm currently in the process of growing up.

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