Prep Time: Tips On How to Excel At Standardized Tests

This year many students from high schools all over are trying to prepare to take the several standardized tests required for college entrance, such as the SAT’s and ACT‘s. Here are some useful tips and pointers that can help you excel at taking these all-important tests.

1) The Most Important Meal of the Day

First on the list would be to eating a balanced breakfast, especially on test days. This helps promote proper brain function and concentration. So in doing this you can better focus and process questions, making the test easier and less stressful. This theory was evaluated by University of Florida in a recent study. Researchers found that children who eat a balanced breakfast had better test scores and cognitive functioning related to memory and concentration.  

2) Hit the Hay

Second on the list would be making sure you get a good night’s sleep before the test. That means a full 8 hours or more. This will help comprehension and responses when taking a long test or one with essays or short answers. The various benefits and reasons for one getting ample sleep, or a lack of it, were found to be directly linked to our immune systems, metabolic control, memory, emotional functioning and learning during several studies done by the University of California Berkeley. But there are several other studies like the one done by University of Chicago relating many pros to a healthy amount of sleep for students of all ages and noting other effects beyond academics as well.

3) Preparation is Key

The next vital aspect to test taking is studying. Obviously one should review the material and thoroughly. Sometimes this means being creative with how to remember facts and important information.Which leads into my next point.

Take the material and split up the studying into several parts. If you have a week before the exam, then split up your time into 15 minute segments twice a day. This will help in better retention of material. There are several places that one can find free resources to help prepare for the SAT’s like, and even on the official website for the SAT’s where you can sign up for a daily question. Most of these sites can help  you target the areas that may need to studied more.  

4) Relax!

Likewise, one should remember that when studying or test-taking is that you should try to stay relaxed. Try to get to the test center early and pick a seat that is comfortable. If your unsure or stressed, ask questions to the administrator to better yourself.

5) Know the Rules: Win the Game

Lastly one should make sure to know what type of test they are taking and how the scoring works. This will help you plan  how to study, practice, and take the test. 

Taking all this into consideration, anyone should be able to successfully pass any test with confidence and ease. Try and let me know what you think or what other special study habits work for you.




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