Taking A Peek Into the Future: College Fair!

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Last Week the juniors and seniors of South Lancaster Academy went to Mount Wattchusett Community College to participate in a college

fair. This is an event that is held yearly to educate students from many different high schools about the variety colleges, universities, and educational institutes that they can attend. Briefing adolescents on the  many options and aspects of higher education is crucial when making the decision of where to study a future career and essentially ones’ life line of vitality.

The SLA Pioneer sat down with some students and talked about what they thought of this college fair.

Senior Kofi Omani said, “I thought it was a good idea but not for seniors because we know where we want to go to college. For juniors on the other hand, it is more useful to get a better of what they are looking for in a college or university and what they might need to focus on in their last years of high school to achieve their goals for college.”

Junior Ethan Severin stated, “For me it was a great experience. It can help a student get ready for college by giving them a bunch of liberal and secular colleges both local and abroad to choose from. Aside from the many Christian colleges and universities that most SLA students know of, the college fair helps show other options that might be more suitable for a person based on what they are interested in studying and also more affordable.”

Junior Roxanne Bruso commented, “I liked how you could compare different colleges easily. The college fair laid out options and gave me more to think about when looking for a college.”

Junior Amanda Bakerlis  added, “I thought it was very fun and interesting. The fair made me think more of the future and also made me want to start planing for college and possible career choices.”

Junior Erik Kline said, “The Fair made me decide to go to college before the military. It helped me better prioritize whats best for me.”

Junior Azalea Walton mentioned,  “I thought the college fair was fun. I acquired a bunch of new information about so many different colleges and their programs, faculty, and reputations. I realized that there is a whole lot more to think about when choosing a college. It’s exciting!”

After talking to the students, we decided to get the faculties’ take on the fair and the teens’ responses to the many presentations.

Principle, Mr. Huff said “The fair was big and I think students responded fairly positive. I think it was more beneficial to juniors and those youth looking for other options besides colleges (military recruiters were present).  Another reason why I think that going to a college fair that presents public and liberal institutions is because about 50% of SLA graduates don’t go to an Adventist College for many reasons such as financial or intensive courses lacking the high recommendations.”

Overall the response to the College Fair was positive and creative. For some high school seniors, it was both beneficial and informative; displaying more options and ideas for why they might want to go to one institution vs. another. At the same time, it emphasizes, for Christian, realize many reasons why one would choose a Christian college or an institution with a strong spiritual group or community surrounding it, over a public or liberal university.

Nevertheless we students appreciate the different institutions and presenters that were present at the Fair to help organize and show all the different aspects of learning and higher education.


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