Jaime Jorge Benefit Concert Draws Hundreds in Support of SLA Mission Trip

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On Sunday, September 16, violinist Jaime Jorge held a benefit concert at the College Church with all the proceeds going to the upcoming SLA mission trip to Masai Mara, Kenya. In 2010, he had another concert and all the donations went to student scholarships. Many people would agree that it is very nice and generous of Jaime Jorge to spend his time to help draw people closer to God with his music and to help raise money for our school and its mission projects.

When asked how he enjoyed the concert, junior Mitchell Hall said, ” I really like his  music. Jaime’s pretty cool and talented. I’m so thankful that he is willing to help us out and he is very nice.”

Pablo Heurfano, another junior at SLA, commented, “Jaime Jorge is impressive. I’m glad he volunteered his time. He has helped out our school so much and I appreciate his talent.”

Dayana Castro, sophomore Brenda Castro’s mother, said “I really enjoyed the concert. I feel really blessed. He is an inspiration for the children and I’m really impressed because he’s so young and talented and he always wants to help SLA.”

Luz Rodriguez, sophomore Amber Sanchez’s mom said, “I think Jaime Jorge is phenomenal. I think it’s a wonderful thing that he wants to help the youth come to know Jesus.”

Jaime Jorge’s passion for both God and music are clearly apparent when he plays the violin. At one point during the concert, he said “When I travel alone, my violin is my companion.”  He played 11 songs, including How Great Thou Art, O Sole Mio, and a Patriotic Medley which included the Star-Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful, and Battle Hymn of the Republic. He also played Amazing Grace and was accompanied by SLA students Adam Gagnon, Arlan Gagnon, Paula Gibbons, Jeanelle Green, Christian Williams, and Maya Williams.

The concert brought in a little over $7,500 for the upcoming mission trip. It was a wonderful concert with beautiful music that many people enjoyed. Jaime Jorge uses his ability to play amazing music, to spread the word of God and to inspire others. In between songs he stated, ” I want us all to leave from this place excited to use our talents for God’s honor and glory.”

Have you seen Jaime Jorge in concert? Have you listened to his music? If so, feel free to share your opinion in a comment.


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