Cross Country is Revived by Karl Hernandez and SLA Students

part of cross country team

Photo courtesy of Igor Yoshida

Ike Kilborn had kept the South Lancaster Cross Country team running for multiple years but in 2009 Ike moved to work at Pine Tree Academy in Maine. The Cross Country team fell apart with out him. This year with the help of our dedicated Athletics directors Dustin Cook and Karl Hernandez and principal Mr. Huff our team is coming back.

Mr. Huff had talked to Hernandez this summer and told him that he want to start the cross-country team again. Mr. Huff said that he it was because he wanted “variety” for or sports in the fall. He didn’t play any sports as a kid but he did run long distance. He claims, “I was no good at (running), but I did it.” So our caring principle brought it to the attention of Hernandez and Cook to start a team again.

Hernandez himself never did cross-country but he did other sports like football, basketball, and tennis. He said he liked sprinting, but never liked long distance running. Yet Hernandez now motivates our new runners to push themselves to becoming more fit and in shape. He seemed glad that the team is back. “The Students like to run.” he stated.

The students do seem to like the running, even though sometimes it gets hard. Like freshman Jared Allain says how calm he feels when he runs or freshman Stephen Lafrankie says “I feel like an eagle.”  The players all seamed to be in a very light mood when it came to the subject of their team and smiles were brought to their faces. Some of the guys like Stephen and Jared said they were using cross-country as a chance to get in shape for the upcoming basketball season. It appears their plan is working because according to their team mates like sophomore Samantha Crowley, Hernandez pushes them a lot. The teams mates all have a variety of reasons for playing whether its basket ball or just getting fit, they all have their favorite part. For freshman Sophia Bruso it’s the stretching, “After we run it feels so great to stretch.” Freshman Renata Meneze who says “I just love everything about (cross-country).” One thing they do seem to share is how the feel about each other, sophomore Alena Bruso says, “We’ve gotten a lot closer over the past three weeks.” Jared even said his favorite part about cross-country was “Encouraging his team mates.”

The cross-country team had a lot of support and looks like it has a great future thanks to our students and devoted faculty.


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