Album Review: Eye On It by tobyMac

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Album: Eye On It

For fans of: Eminem

Rating: 3 out of 4 stars

Throughout Eye On It, tobyMac uses several different styles of music to praise God. The album explores a wide variety of topics. In songs such as Me Without You and Thankful for You, he expresses gratitude to God and recognizes that he would not be where he is without God. In Made for Me and Family, tobyMac sings about the people that God placed in his life, and why they are so important to him. In each song, both tobyMac’s love for music and love for Jesus are apparent.

TobyMac has never stood by using only one genre of music, and Eye On It is a perfect example of that. Every song on the album is either Christian Rap, Christian Pop, or Christian Hip-Hop, showcasing his talent for each of those types of music. The transitions between the three genres of music throughout the album are very contrasting yet they seem to flow well. Each change in style reveals another side to tobyMac, and another side to his passion for singing for Christ.

The songs on in this album can be an inspiration for others to represent Jesus using many different ways. For example, in the song Speak Life, tobyMac talks about reaching out to others and giving them hope by telling them about God’s Word. The album Eye On It also featured various Christian singers and rappers such as Britt Nicole, Blanca Reyes, Jamie Grace, Lecrae, Nirva Ready, and Byron Chambers, who all differ from each other in the way they choose to serve God through music.

Eye On It was a good album all the way through and it never got boring, probably due to its diversity. The fact that tobyMac is such a versatile artist makes this album more likely to appeal to people who like all different types of music.


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