Steve Wohlberg to Speak on 2012 Apocalypse This Month

In ancient times the Mayans,  who were advanced in astronomical knowledge and mathematics, had a calendar based on years of studying the stars. The calendar began around September, 8 3114 BC and ends December 21, 2012 with a prediction of an eclipse  A Mayan calendar  consists of 18 months of 20 days that equaled out to 365 days.

Contrary to the popular belief of  ancient cultures being somewhat primitive, modern science has proved the Mayan culture otherwise. Researchers discovered in found documents that the Mayans knew that a year consisted of 365.25 days rather than 365 way before other cultures did. The Mayan calendar has been extremely accurate with the prediction that our galaxy has a black hole, predicting a solar eclipse in 1999 that occurred on schedule, and an eruption of solar energy in 1992. Since the Mayans were right about all the other things they predicted, why does there calendar randomly stop on December 21, 2012? When the calendar ends does it mean the world will too?

Science and mankind have tried and are still trying to come up with reasonable explanations as to why the calendar randomly ends. Some say that the Mayans ran out of space and thought someone would continue the calendar at  a later date. Others argue by saying that the calendar was misread and it’s really just images of the space and time and how the Mayans perceived themselves as the center of the universe. Others have theorized that the Mayans just wanted to confuse the world, and send modern society into a massive panic.

Is it possible that the world will end in a matter of months? As Seventh-day Adventists we believe what the Bible clearly states, “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father” (Matthew 24:36). So how do we explain all these more than coincidental recent phenomenons such the mass animal die-offs, bizarre weather, and ravaged economy?

On the dates October 5-6 Steve Wohlberg, author of Demons in Disguise, The Trouble with Twilight, Hour of the Witch, and End Time Delusions, will be conducting a seminar on 2012 And The End Of The World. He will be going deep into what the bible has to say, and finding out what will happen on December 21, 2012.

Steve Wohlberg is a highly respected speaker in both Adventist and other Christian Circles. ” Steve Wohlberg is phenomenal. He points out the realities by which we are often blinded by, like how the devil is becoming less discrete. I am really looking forward to this seminar and I hope the attendance in bountiful. I believe all who come will be blessed.” stated an SLA parent.

The seminar will be begin at Worcester State University’s auditorium on Friday night October 5. If you would like to learn more about the so-called end of the world, come and hear from an expert.


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