SLA Girls’ Win Big vs. GBA

After two very disappointing losses, in a row to begin the season the SLA girls volleyball team was able to redeem themselves with a triumphant victory against Greater Boston Academy (GBA), last Thursday afternoon.

Due to GBA also being another Seventh-Day Adventist academy , a friendly rivalry has grown between the two schools over the past few decades. Needless to say, the SLA volleyball team was ready and pumped for this game.

Coach Archilla decided to with the usual starters Deanna Howard (Senior), Allura Milliron (Junior), Elena Shand (Junior), Kathy Andreu (Sophomore), Jaki Windover (Freshman), and Cassie Fuller ( Sophomore). All of the starters began the game strong and to their best abilities and managed to dominate and easily win the first set.

The second set started off started strong for the Crusaders, with the crowd supporting their team with loud and energetic cheering, ready to claim their victory . The team came together and came out onto and claimed the second set as their own, the set finished with the SLA girls on top.

The third set was all SLA as they continued their momentum from the second game. GBA  played to their fullest, but could not avoid the run by the girls in the final set, completing the sweep and locking up the win for SLA.

The SLA volleyball team’s current record stands at 2-2.


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