Is 2 Minutes Enough to Get to Class? SLA Says No!



Stress (Photo credit: Alan Cleaver)

With each new year comes new trials and difficulties for many students. Time, in general, may always be a major impediment for most people in society, and high school students are no exception. This difficulty has been magnified this school year at SLA, as the time frame between classes was cut from 3 minutes to 2 for the 2012-13 school year.

Having three minutes to complete the transfer from each class was always a struggle in previous years. Students crowd one another in the hallways, preventing each other from getting to their locker, fighting with the combination, and grabbing their new books.

By that time, the bell will have already rung, leaving students either walking into class late or locked out of class altogether. The embarrassment of walking into class late, with everyone staring at you, can be an embarrassing moment.

Needless to say, life has become a race against the clock for SLA students. Two minutes instead of three in between classes is causing an obvious issue for many students to get to class. The question is, why was the time ever changed in the first place?

Mr. Huff, SLA’s principal, was asked why the transfer time was changed from three minutes to two for the 2012-13 school year. He responded that three minutes wasn’t working out. Students  socialize a lot and won’t get to class. Narrowing the time to two minutes, students are more concentrated on just getting to class. The schedule this year was also adjusted, so the Friday schedule doesn’t contain random time intervals for the classes. If we put it back to three minutes, we’d have to extend the school day at least thirty minutes since the schedule has been drastically adjusted.

So how is this time change affecting SLA students? Sophomore Alena Bruso replied, “I really hate that I don’t have enough time to get my books before the bell rings..”

“I think that teachers shouldn’t complain about us being late if we aren’t going to be given enough time to get our stuff.” Junior Erik Kline replied scornfully.

Junior Jannice Grunder eagerly added, “If they aren’t going to give us enough lunch time, at least replace that by giving us a decent amount of time to get to class.”

“Teachers are always marking me absent for being late when I’m just trying to get my books from my locker!” Sophomore Rosie Collado exclaims in frustration. “There’s too much people in the hallways and my locker is crowded with other books. It’s so unfair…”

Sophomore Amber Sanchez also contributed her opinion. “My problem is I don’t have enough time to unlock my combo before the bell rings because I have a hard time opening my lock, haha. So by the time I get my books out, the bell has already rung.”

In conclusion, there will be no current change to the time in between classes for this school year. Has this time adjustment greatly affected your attendance so far this school year? Let us know your stories in a comment below.




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