Crusaders Soar Over the Eagles and then are Brought Down by the Bears

Crusaders DefenseSouth Lancaster Academy boys soccer faced St. Mary’s and Abby Kellyon September 20 and September 21. With the Crusaders at the disadvantage of not having home field for either game, they held up well against their opponents.

On Thursday, September 20, the Crusader Boys soccer team faced the boys St. Mary’s Eagles.  This was their second game of the season playing each other. The game could have very easily been a high scoring game but the excellent goalies of each team saved the day. The St. Mary’s goalie Richard Quarshie, stopped 20 goal attempts but missed two. The Crusaders played a much stronger defence and  Senior Ethan Comley only had to stop 4 goal attempts. This left the ending score at 2-0 in the Crusaders favor. The first Crusader goal was scored by Senior Helio Ferreira and the second by Sophomore Igor Yoshida. This was a well fought game by both sides but this game the Crusaders came out on top.

On Friday, September 21st, the boys soccer teams from Abby Kelly and South Lancaster Academy (SLA) went head to head in an aggressive and stressful game. Ethan Comley had a great performance in the previous game but unfortunatly three goals slipped by during this game. The First goal for the Bears, was by Kristian Albarracinthe second goal by Noah Quiles. The last goal for the Bears was by Jon Silva with the assist from Lewis Chapa, with still twenty minutes left in the game. The Crusaders were no able to get a goal by until Helio’s two penalty kicks, leaving the score 3-2, Bears.

After these two games the Crusaders are left with a 2-2 record. The Crusader boys soccer still have a rematch against both of these teams again. Their next game against the Abby Kelly Bears is on October 22 and the game against the St. Mary’s Eagle’s on October 9.


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