Adam and Arlan Gagnon – Brothers with Musical Talent

Courtesy of Nakeyah Williams

Pretty much everyone at SLA knows Adam Gagnon and Arlan Gagnon, but not everyone knows about their musical talent. Adam plays the oboe, Arlan plays the clarinet, and they both play the violin. They both have taken lessons since they were in 1st grade and  they have practiced music for years. They enjoy playing  music as a hobby and its a part of their life. The Pioneer sat down with Adam and Arlan to find out more about their talent.


Q: Do you guys get nervous when you perform in front of people?

Arlan: “We only get a little nervous sometimes, but not as much as we used to do.”

Adam: “Yeah, you get used to it. It gets better with time.”

Q: What do you like the most about playing all of your instruments?

Adam: “Its something to do when you have lots of free time, and I find it very enjoyable. It’s a stress-reliever.”

Arlan: “It gets your mind off of everything in the real world, because you’re only thinking about music and not about anything else. It’s really a stress-reliever for me, too.”

Q. Do you have a favorite composer? Why?

Arlan: “I like Vivaldi the most. His music makes sense. It always has a story to it.”

Adam: “Mozart, Bach, and Haydn. I like their styles of music and they intrigue me.”

Q. Where have you performed?

Arlan: “We’ve performed in New York, Maine, Massachusetts, Canada, Scotland, and England.”

Adam: ” We were in a Jaime Jorge concert, and we’ve played at Windsor Castle.”

Q. What’s your favorite place to perform?

Adam: “Quebec. I like Old Quebec City and Saint Andrew’s Cathedral, it’s a really nice place to go to.”

Arlan: “Any place that has a lot of space, because it’s alot easier for me to play when I have plenty of space and I’m not crowded.”

It’s good to see the Gagnons using their talents to bless those around them. It’s also good to see that they have fun performing and that its not always just work for them. Have you seen Adam and Arlan perform before? If so, what did you think? Share in a comment below.


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