Students Return From Senior Survival Spiritually Renewed

Courtesy of Pastor Nino

From September 7- 14th, South Lancaster Academy’s class of 2013 went on their annual Senior Survival. Senior Survival is a traditional event where the seniors are dropped far off  in the woods of New England, to learn survival skills for end times, reconnect with God, and strengthen their bond with their classmates. It is a tradition that has gone on in SLA for the past seven years.

The seniors and chaperons departed from the school on Friday morning at approximately 6 a.m. and embarked on a 6 hour trip to Moose River in Jackman Maine.Upon arrival they learned how to load and unload their canoes, set up their camps, and gather firewood. Their week mainly consisted of team building activities, a Great Controversy study, sitting around bonfires, singing, eating,swimming, countless hours of canoeing,  and enjoying God’s gift of nature.

There is an unwritten rule that says that the specific details of senior survival cannot be shared with the classes below them so that they can experience the surprise for themselves. However, the spiritual aspect of what happens is one thing that is encouraged to be shared.

The SLA Pioneer got a chance to sit down with a few of the seniors to hear about their life changing experience. When asked what their favorite part of senior survival was, most of the seniors answered the connection they developed with their peers and the renewed walk with God. Senior, Deanna Howard answered,” Being able to be with your class strengthened our bond and made us like family. Personally I could feel God’s presence all around, everyone was blessed. I feel very spiritual and a stronger connection with God. Some of the people who weren’t very godly at the beginning of the trip, shocked all of us by the end and you could feel God reflecting off of them. I was excited before going to Senior Survival, but I didn’t know it would change my life.”

Some of the other enjoyable aspects were canoeing and seeing the sky full of stars, but one of the biggest hits was solo time. Solo time took place as soon as the students woke up. They had to immediately find a quiet place to pray, read, and do what their devotionals directed them to do. This was where many students were able to renew their spiritual lives.

Senior Survival is something dreaded and praised by seniors every year, and ranges from the worst week of your life to a life changing experience. The rest of SLA will get to see if the changes in the seniors from senior survival were permanent or just a phase. What about you? If you’re an SLA student, are you ready for senior survival, or better yet are you ready for the ultimate survival as the end times are vastly approaching?


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