South Lancaster Academy Hires a “Nueva Profesora” for Spanish Class

Courtesy of Nakeyah Williams

Mrs. Jennifer H. Carmona, SLA’s friendly new Spanish teacher, has graciously taken the challenge of filling in the post for the 2012-13 school year. Everyone has a background story, and with Mrs. Cardona being new, an interview was conducted to find out more about her background and who she is.

Q: What school did you teach at before coming to SLA?
A: “I taught at Carribean University inVega Baja, Puerto Rico.”

Q: Is SLA different from your old school? How?
A: “SLA is very different since it’s  an Academy so the students are a lot younger and are not necessarily studying here because they chose to but because their parents did. In undergraduate level, students are studying the career they chose for life so they’re very interested in learning, are usually very independent and responsible because the lack of these in College signifies loss of lots of money and time.”

Q: How long have you been teaching as a Spanish teacher?
A:This is actually my first time teaching Spanish, so it’s been around a month, I’ve taught Associate’s level Nursing, Religion, and ESL.”

Q: If you weren’t a Spanish teacher, what would be your back-up job?
A: “My back up job would be as an RN. I am licensed in the state of MA and will probably be practicing some time in the future again. It’s just a bit too hard for me right now because my children are very young  and my specialty is ED so the hours and schedule are usually very hard for a mother with very young children if you want to keep daycare and babysitters to a minimum.”

Q: Do you have any family? Where were you born?
A: “I’ve been married for almost 7 years now to Joel Rivera and we have two boys, Jovan, who’s 4 years old and Justin,  who’s 2.”

Q: What are your goals for your class this year?
A: “First of all I’d love it if my students could say they see Jesus in me, the second goal is for them to finish this year being able to understand the majority of a basic Spanish conversation and being able to speak the language at an acceptable level.”

Q: How do you like your teaching experience at SLA so far?
A: “Working here at SLA is challenging. Trying to keep 14 and 16 year old students interested and trying to make them listen is a challenge but above all, they’re very smart kids and they learn quick so it’s rewarding to see the outcomes. So yes, I do enjoy teaching here.”

Courtesy of Nakeyah Williams

Q: Do you have any hobbies?
A: “Yes, I love to play the guitar, read the Bible and “Spiritual Enhancement” books, health, baking and cooking. I also enjoy exercising a lot but haven’t been doing much of that since I had my kids, I hope to start again very soon.”


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