SLA Soccer Teams Kicks the Season Off with Dual Victories

This is looking like a good season for both the girls and boys soccer teams this year. Both teams kicked the year off with exciting, upbeat games in which they prevailed.

The SLA Crusaders boys soccer team had their first game on Thursday, September 6, 2012 against the Advanced Math & Science Academy (AMSA). The Crusaders were victorious with the ending score 3-1. The Crusader boys, however, were not all so sure of themselves before the game. Helio Ferreira (senior) the team’s strongest ball handler felt they had a 50-50 chance, but then said, ” I feel confident about today’s game.”

Others felt a little different like Lothar Gloss (sophomore), ” It’s the first game so it’s stressful in a way.” but he was looking forward to the game. Some boys, like Pablo Huerfano (junior), were not surprised about the win at all. When asked about whether he felt the teams were a fair match he simply stated, “We’re winning.”

When some of the boys were questioned about the chemistry on the team they all said it could be better. Their chemistry did not come between them in this game however. The Crusaders had a strong defense and an agile goalie, in Ethan Comley (senior), who was able to stop multiple shots at the goal. David Cady (senior) stayed on top of the defense constantly sending the ball up to Kurtis Bakerlis (sophomore) and Helio Ferreira. The first two goals were scored by Helio and the final goal by Kurtis. AMSA was only able to get one goal in during the second half ; a devastating loss for them.

The SLA Girls are playing in the Lancaster Youth Soccer League (LYSA) this year and had a scrimmage on Sunday September 9, 2012 at the Mary Rowlandson School. It was the Lancaster High School Travel Team verses Lancaster’s U-14 team.  The final score was 5-2 in favor of the High School Girls. SLA girls are joined in a team with multiple Nashoba Regional High School girls, including Sarah (Junior), Drew (sophomore), Alicia (Junior), and Julia (Junior). The first half was a little slow with only two goals scored by Sarah of Nashoba and myself. The second half was a little more exciting with the U-14 girls tying up the score for s sort period, thanks to a goal from Mikayla Hernandez and Gillian Stevenson. Then with the remaining goals made from Alicia and Sarah, the scrimmage was over with a score of 5-2.

Both teams are looking promising this year. There is a long season ahead, but it appears they are up for the task, with the support of the SLA student body.


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