Student Spotlight: Kassey Bakerlis

The Pioneer sat down with Kassie Bakerlis and asked her to share a bit about herself; her goals, likes, and hopes for this year

Photo By Nakeyah Williams

Q: What brought you here to South Lancaster Academy?

A:” I wanted the opportunity to learn and grown in a Christian environment that challenged me and yet spiritually supported me.”

Q: What is your favorite aspect about SLA?

A: “The people! All the students are nice, amazing, and so different. There is many diverse cultures and characters at SLA. Never a dull moment!”

Q: How do you feel about the S.L.A.M. Teams and the Handshake?

A:”I really enjoyed handshake. Especially the fact that all the games were played by teams of students that were mix from different grades. It’s a great way to meet and get to know people.”

Q: In looking at SLA and all its students what word to mind and why?

A: “Warm. Many of the kids here are nice and willing to include you into what they are doing. They are so much more friendly from people in public school.”

Q: What are some goals you have for this school year?

A: “Make friends, get closer to God, and do my best in all my subjects.”

Q: What are you looking forward to as a new student?

A: “I am looking forward to some of the events from SA with the whole school, Senior Survival, and graduation.  Also learning more about Christ and leaving a memory worth while for others.”

Q: Is there anything you have to say to other students as encouragement?

A: “No matter what, don’t give up. There is always a way to make things work for the better. Even in the toughest situations, there is always a lesson to be learned and God to be praised.”

Q: As a senior, is there anything important that you wish to learn and master before you head off to college?

A: “Writing better, and studying creatively so as to better understand and retain information.”


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I enjoy to laugh. Love God and have an appreciation for art and music of all types. But with all this in mind I still really enjoy writing on a variety of subjects and styles.

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