Student Spotlight: Jewel Norman

Courtesy of Nakeyah Williams

Grade: 9

Age: 14

Q: How do you feel about the school year so far? Why?

A: “Honestly, it’s really fun. At first, I thought it would be boring but after SA Handshake, I became more acquainted with other highschoolers and I’m more confident than I was last year.”

Q: What are your favorite hobbies / activities?

A: “I like to sing, play basketball, and bake. I also like to go on youtube.”

Q: Describe your life growing up.

A: “When I was younger, I lived in New Jersey for the majority of my life. I’ve moved around alot, I have lived in New Jersey, Michigan, Maryland, and now Massachusetts. I’ve always had fun with my family. I have a big family and we’re kind of ghetto. I wasn’t afraid to be loud and crazy. When I was little, my life revolved around my big brother and sister, they were almost like second parents to me.”

Q: What are your goals for this year?

A: “I want to get good grades, do lots of extra-curricular activities, and participate in school events. I want to help out with the puppets for Children’s Church.”

Q: Describe yourself in three words.

A: “Funny, compassionate, Youtuber.”


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