SLA Enrollment Holding Strong for Second Straight Year

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Browning Elementary and South Lancaster Academy has started the 2012-13  school year with a total enrollment of 256 students. Browning has 74 students in it’s elementary grades and 76 students in grades five to eight. The high school, meanwhile, has an enrollment of 106 students with an average of about 27 per class. Unfortunately, the total enrollment is not quite as large as last year’s, but there are several good signs that we can get from this year’s enrollment.

There are slightly more students enrolled in the high school this year, thanks in large part to the large, 35 student, freshman class. Considering the fact that several students did not come back this year, it’s great to see the school in a stronger position than  last year. It’s also the second year in a row of the SLA having a larger high school enrollment.

Both principals seem happy about this year’s enrollment. When asked about her thoughts on the upward trend of  school enrollment over the past couple of years, Vice Principal Theresa Robidoux said, “Hopefully it’s a trend that will continue. We have a lot of students coming from the local churches that hadn’t been sending many in recent years. Hopefully we’ll continue to get more.

Principal Ron Huff said, “I’m happy with it. We’ve been getting quality students. While I don’t think we’ll have a huge enrollment next year I think it’ll look good.  Since I’ve been here the school tends to go through a 10 to 15% increase every other year. Last year we went up 15% percent, but the year before didn’t have much of a significant change. Three years ago was another year of growth.”

Unfortunately, the issue of crowded hallways is still a problem from students. When asked about the traffic in the hallway, junior Alyssia Cutler commented, “I think it’s so annoying. Everyone just stands there and talks instead of moving out of the way. I’d like to not be late to class!”

While nothing is perfect, a stable enrollment is very much welcome. Hopefully we’ll be talking about SLA’s increase in enrollment next year!


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