SLA Welcomes Rebecca Muir

Photo courtesy of Nakeyah Williams

As a high school does every year, South Lancaster Academy (SLA) welcomes new faces this school year 2012. Among the new faces is one that belongs to Rebecca Muir, Freshman. I stole her from PE1 for a little while so I could get to know her a little better.

Q: Were you  ever a student here at Browning?

A: “Yes, I was. In the fourth grade and half of third grade.”

Q: How do you feel about the SLA student body?

A: (there was a slight hesitation and stutter) “[The students] don’t live by what they learn, but its good here.”

Q: What sports or activities are you interested in here at SLA?

A: ” Soccer and Basketball.”

Q: Have our staff been a Spiritual and welcoming figure to you?

A: “Spiritual not all the time. Lambert and Bisson are always, like prayers before class starts (She then hints to other teachers the spirituality just goes right over their head).”

Q: What did you know about SLA before you came here?

A: “I knew that it was Adventist. The school was a good atmosphere [because of the religion].  I knew friends here (SLA). It’s a welcoming place.”

Q: How do you feel about the upcoming  Student Association (SA) events?

A: “Handshake was really good so I feel that the rest will be good as well.”

Rebecca seems to be enthusiastic about this school year, she’s looking forward to sports and SA events. She appears to be happy to be reunited with some of her old friends. SLA students if you see Rebecca around wave hello, smile, and welcome her to our school.


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