How Far Can the Celtics Go In the Playoffs?

After defeating the talented Atlanta Hawks in six games, the Boston Celtics have been locked in a tough seven game series with the Philadelphia 76ers in the Eastern Conference Semi-finals. Despite this, the combination of the Celtics experience, their performance against the Hawks, and the current state of the East, many analysts are predicting that the Celtics could go very far in the playoffs this year.

Before the we talk about the Celtics competing for a championship, it’s important that we analyze their current situation. The Celtics are currently facing a young, fast-paced 76ers team. The sixers have a very talented rotation headlined by all-star wing Andre Iguadala. The sixers also have one of the most underrated coaches in the NBA in Doug Collins. The sixers are also one of the best defensive teams in the NBA. While the 76ers are not one of the most prolific scoring teams in the league, their speed, athleticism, depth, and occasional hot streaks could end up giving the Celtics a lot of trouble.

If the Celtics were to defeat the 76ers, they would most likely end up playing the Miami Heat. Lead by MVP LeBron James and all-stars Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, the Heat are one of the most formidable teams in the NBA. The Celtics won the season series 2-1, but one of those games consisted of their reserve players for the most part. When the Celtics played the Heat in last year’s playoffs, they lost in five games. However, all-star point guard Rajon Rondo played most of the series with a dislocated elbow. Despite last year’s results, many analysts say that the Celtics could be the biggest threat to the Heat in the Eastern Conference. The Celtics rotation is considered to be stronger than the Heat’s. In addition, Chris Bosh is nursing an injured abdominal muscle. Whether the Celtics can defeat the Miami Heat in a playoff series remains to be seen, the Celtics seem like they could be the biggest challenge to the Heat in the East.

Another possible playoff opponent could be the Indianapolis Pacers. The Pacers are young, athletic, big, and deep. In my opinion. they’re the most underrated team in the playoffs. The Celtics would have a very difficult time beating the Pacers in a series. The Pacers beat the Celtics several times at the beginning of the season. However, the Pacers are not very experienced and can go on long stretches without scoring. A series with the Pacers would not be very easy.

When asked how far the Celtics could progress in the playoffs, senior Daanan Hall said, “I think it’s possible that they could make it to the finals, but they probably won’t. They have great players but they get injured a lot. They might beat the 76ers but they probably won’t beat the Heat.”

On the other hand, senior Eduardo Cunha said, “I think they’ll go far. I believe in them. They’ve played a lot of close and crazy games.”

We can only predict how far the Celtics will go, but only time will tell if the Celtics can win one more championship with the Big Three.


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  1. Good article and I think Conference Finals but no further. Not with a fresh-ish Heat team waiting for them and Boston being so beat down. I just don’t see it happening that they can move on to the Finals. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I really want to know what you have to say

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