2013 S.A. Election Candidate Preview: Raissa Silva and Amber Sanchez

Since the last 2013 Student Association Election spotlight, two more candidates have been approved to run for different offices. Freshmen Raissa Silva is running for S.A. treasurer and Freshmen Amber Sanchez is running for S.A. pastor. Each candidate was interviewed on their campaign along with what changes they wish to put into action if elected to their desired office.

Raissa Silva (SA Treasurer Candidate)

Q: What do you hope to help achieve by being a part of the Student Association for the next coming school year?

A: “I hope to achieve success as an S.A. officer. I hope to make next year much more fun. To bring school spirit and stretch the S.A funds to cover as many S.A events as possible.”

Q: What do you have to offer as our S.A treasurer?

A: “I am willing to research places and events to stretch the S.A. budget as much as possible. Also, I plan on fundraising for S.A. to increase our budget to cover more events and activities.”

Q: What qualities do you think you have to convince us to vote for you?

A: I am very ambitious, I know how to manage money. I always ‘turn every stone’ before jumping into projects, and I am open-minded when people express their opinion on various matters.”

Amber Sanchez (SA Pastor Candidate) 

Q: What do you hope to help S.A achieve next year?

A: “I want to help develop more spiritual activities.”

Q: What do you plan to add or change about SLA’s spiritual life?

A: “Well technically I cannot change anything but with God I hope to get people involved and to be able to feel the Holy Spirit.”

Q: As a School, what would you like to see SLA become as its student pastor?

A: “Have people who actually care about Christ, to show how God can work in people’s life individually.”

Q: What qualities do you think you have to convince students to vote for you?

A: “I have a relationship with God, I won’t give up, I believe that God can do anything and that he has a plan for this school.”

Q: What made you run for this position?

A: “I want to do God’s work and bring his people back to him; to make a difference for God.”

Judging from the candidates’ answers on the current posts they are running for, our next S.A year seems very promising; with passionate people willing to put their all into what they’re doing. Hopefully we’ll have a fun year and these potential candidates will lead us into a fulfilling and exciting school year.


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