Student Spotlight: Esther Owusu

Everyone knows the beloved Esther Owusu, a senior here at South Lancaster Academy, before she takes off into the world of being an independent adult after she graduates in a few weeks, I asked her some questions on what her plans on for college.

Esther – Senior Portrait

1.) What do you want to do for a career?

I want to do computer science – work in a huge company.”

2.) What college are you going to and why?

“I am attending Washington Adventist University. I choose this college because it’s Adventist, close to home, and because it is near/in an urban area.”

3.) What will you miss about SLA?

“I will miss all the good memories I made with friends, specifically at outdoor school Freshmen year.”

4.) What class(es) did you enjoy most at SLA?

“Lunch, Freshmen & Sophomore gym, and Video Journalism.”

5.) Where do you see yourself in five years?

“At Grad school and still living in Maryland!”

When it is Esther’s time to leave, she will be deeply missed. She was a great part of SLA – making everything livelier, funnier, and generally brighter in the hallways.


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