A Watery Race: Extreme Teams’ Last Paddle Battle

Courtesy Jennifer SierraEarly on Friday the 27th of April, students from SLA boarded the bus to camp Winnekeag where they would race across the lake and back. This was the final challenge for the 2012-13 Extreme Team Challenge. The whole purpose of this event was to teach students how to work together and give them an opportunity to do that in the great outdoors. In structuring the Extreme Team events, Mr. Fellows designed it to be an alternative to regular team sports for students of South Lancaster Academy.

The Pioneer sat down with the orchestrator, Mr. Fellows, to see what he thought of the race and final event for Extreme Teams this year.

Q: Why did you choose a canoe race for the final team challenge?

A: We have done a canoeing before, so we decided to do it again. Also this sport was appropriate for the season and weather. With canoeing being my favorite sport, it was easy to share this event with the kids.

Q: What was the atmosphere throughout the whole season?

A: It was a really enjoyable atmosphere filled with good spirit and laughter. This year the competitive mentality was not as strong giving room for the individuals of all teams to learn and laugh together while relaxing in the outdoors.

Q: Was there any team that really surprised you?

A: I was really surprised by First Class. They were an interesting mix of people with great talents and all of various ages and grades.

Q: Did you see a lot of teamwork amongst the teams?

A: During the events I witnessed some organization. But most of all I saw people pulling out of their shells and own comfort zones by going out of their way to help others. Its something that one does not often see in class.

Q: Was there any changes that were remarkable in either the people or teams from the beginning to the end of thecompetitions?

A: There was one person who showed some amazing facets because of the total group acceptance. I saw the teams leave all boundaries of the classroom at the school and be completely open with each other as they brought out each others’ best assets and the feeling of unity.

Q; Is this something you would do again?

A: Oh yeah! We will switch it up to keep it interesting.


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I enjoy to laugh. Love God and have an appreciation for art and music of all types. But with all this in mind I still really enjoy writing on a variety of subjects and styles.

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