Spring Week of Prayer Recap

From April 30th to May 4th, South Lancaster Academy had its annual Spring Week of Prayer for grades 5-12. Pastor Josue Feliciano was the speaker for the event. Week of Prayer was a little different this year, being hosted at the College Church of Seventh-Day Adventists in South Lancaster. For many students, the new location was a pleasant change from SLA’s chapel. The overall experience was different and, as many students said, enjoyable.

Pastor Feliciano spoke about being able to experience God. He talked about letting go of distractions that may be slowing down your relationship with God like how you look, movies, sports,  money, character traits, and popularity. He also spoke about the importance of humility and remembering that Christ can use even the weakest of people to accomplish great things. He said that without Christ, we are ultimately nobodies no matter who we are or how much we have. In addition, the pastor talked about learning to accept God and making time for Him in your life. The pastor also discussed the importance of consistently showing God and others the love that God shows us everyday. Pastor Feliciano ended the week by talking about how we need to show that we’re part of “God’s team” with our actions. He followed up with a challenge to to the students to renew their relationship with God.

The Week of Prayer had mixed reviews. Many  students and some faculty had something to say. Sophomore Brunette Jean said, “It was a good message. I thought going to the College Church was a nice change for those who wanted a change. However,  I thought the song service was a little inconsistent and unorganized.”

Commenting on the change of surrounding, senior Brittany Madden said, “I thought going to the College Church to change the atmospere was a good idea. However, it looked like several kids weren’t paying attention”

Senior Marlene Martinez commented “I’ve heard the message before, but the way that the pastor presented it was unique. I though going to the College Church was good. It reminded us that we were worshiping. ”

In addition, Physical Education teacher Dustan Cook said, “I thought it was a good message. I thought it was relevent to many of our students. I thought the pastor was very passionate about his message. I also liked having it in a different place because it makes worshiping more special.”

This year’s Week of Prayer was a truly unique experience. For viewers who attend SLA I would like to invite you to leave a comment about your opinion of Week of Prayer.


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I'm a proud Christian, above average sports fan and I'm currently in the process of growing up.

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