The Hunger Games: Pros & Cons

The Hunger Games (film)

The Hunger Games (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everyone has moods that require different forms of entertainment; whether it is  a light-reading magazine or a documentary movie explaining physiology. Whether the choice is casual or in-depth, both have their effects on the brain.

Some forms of entertainment can help or hinder a person’s growth mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually. But others may argue that most entertainment is just for pleasure.  Today we are going to delve in to one of today’s most popular series to read and watch, The Hunger Games for a closer look.

This interesting series of three book written by Suzanne Collins, is a futuristic thriller with some positive and negative elements. It has an intricate plot that includes a budding romance, people fighting for their lives, and a heroine that captures the heart of many young and old.

The SLA Pioneer sat down with some young people here and around the community to see what their opinion about the series and their thoughts on whether this series should be taken as light entertainment, or as a story with a deeper message.

One Senior said,” I read the first book and I really like the setting and time that the story took place. It made for an awesome movie,which was a little lacking…I think that the story of The Hunger Games is inspiring and would not have a bad effect on anyone who understood its meaning.”

Another young lady mentioned “It was just a story to a lot of people to excite them, but I guess it might also be a story about good and bad morals such as selflessness, honesty, courage, love, and standing up for what you believe in.”

One high school student said, “The books were awesome and impossible to put down. Mentally it could have an addicting effect. I think it depends it could effect a person if they are not really cautious   in any other way like physically or emotionally. Every book plays with your emotions but its up to the reader and how they interpret it.”

A junior quoted, “I think the book was better because the movie left out a lot  of details. But overall I think that if a person is gullible or weak-minded then they could be emotion physically the most. But only spiritually if they are really not grounded in their faith.”

An avid fan had this to say; “The movie and books were interesting and had a captivating style of writing. But The Hunger Games could have a bad effect on people of any age who plain aren’t mature enough for its content. For example their behavior could become violent or they could become mentally disturbed from the ideas of a future filled with doom.”

A sophomore at SLA said, “Really enjoyed the movie and thought that the books were well written. But as for what the effects the series could have on a person, well that really depends on what age and maturity level they are.”

Yet another freshman mentioned: “I loved the books. I don’t think they could really have an effect on a person unless they are not morally well based.”

As many of you can see, the young people responding were all in favor of the movie or books. But what most don’t realize is the effects that the Hunger Game series can have on one’s subconscious. According to many studies, people are heavily effected by what they watch. This can have especially large impact on one’s thought process and decision making skills.
Movies and books all become apart of the reader or viewer as they delve into the material.

Since The Hunger Games has come out  the sale and interest in sports such as archery and also self-defense classes have all gone up amongst teenagers. Also the interest in futuristic-writing that portrays violent subject material has become a popular genre amongst high schoolers.

But most alarming is the subtle themes that are present in the movie and books. The focus on violence is front and center in this series, and can have a major effect on a person physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The whole series is bases on a game that pits young kids and teens against one another to the death. This is desensitizing in a way by showing the readers and viewers that people are no better or any more important than to be treated like animals to be hunted. The producers of the movie have continually tried to downplay this fact.

Other ideas that can have a negative effect on teenagers are subtly introduced in this series as well. Small sexual themes are underscored as a puppy romance but portray deeper physical contact, such as intense lip locks. Alcoholism, profanity, and downplayed importance of family are other negative portrayed values that should make teenagers think twice about what they are putting in their minds.

To be fair, there are some good elements to the movies as well. The film features encouragement for one to fight for what they believe in. Some other valuable lessons come from good qualities portrayed in Katniss Everdeen; justice, equality, selflessness, respect for superiors and following what is morally right no matter what.

Overall there are some major pros and cons that one must consider in watching the books or viewing the movie in light of all the above. It is important to ponder, whether this book is indeed casual material, or in-depth content that requires maturity. Ask yourself if you have the ability to remove yourself from the fictional story, and if your mental health/stability can allow you to enjoy this book as fantasy and not distort your reality.  If your choice of entertainment is not going to improve you in any way, think twice about watching, reading, or listening to it.


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