Guy Talk: What We’re Really Looking For In a Girl

Many girls are very hurt by many guys’ views about what they look for in a girl. Guys often say they like ‘hot’ looks, Do they even care about personality any more? Do they even take a second to think about a ‘hot’ girl’s personality? Like my one of my favorite quotes says – “A pretty face doesn’t mean a pretty heart.” Just because a girl looks ‘hot’ or good, doesn’t mean she is really a great person at heart.

As sophomore Isaac Valera told me – “I think personality is more important. Yeah, a guy wants a girl with a body – but a body doesn’t last forever. A personality lasts forever – besides, a girl with a nice look and with a terrible personality, isn’t worth it.” Isaac is right, a girl may be so hot to you, but she won’t stay hot forever. Looks aren’t everything. I asked Brandon Beneche his view on this, he said “I think that there needs to be some level of physical attraction, but it’s way more important to be attracted to personality.”

While some guys are more for personality, one boy, wish to be anonymous, is not so much for that, “Well, It’s a mix of both, just because you look good doesn’t mean your a good choice. And you can have the best personality, but if your ugly, no one would ant to date you. it has to be both.” To some extent it is true, but also a bit shallow. Guys, every girl is beautiful in  every way, you just choose whether to see it or not.

I asked a couple guys what is worth more in a girl: personality or looks? One said “Personality, but looks are also very important too. But if you fall for someone then you can’t really choose whether or not she’s a dime. For the most part if you fall for a girl there’s more than enough of a reason to get to know her.” Another said “For the ‘initial attraction’ , looks are a major factor. After that she better have a great personality or she’s not worth it.”

After hearing all they’re answers, I started asking more of a personal question. I asked them what they REALLY look for in a girl, one boy, who wished to be kept anonymous, said “I want a girl who is cute, smart, funny – who isn’t full of herself. She has to be able to be herself and also be completely honest with me, but also understanding. ” For the most part, most of the guys I asked said the exact same thing.

In my expierence with guys, sometimes it does feel like they only care for physical attraction, but in all honesty it is not really like that all. Guys, I am not saying it’s completely wrong to be only attracted to looks, you just need to keep it fair between looks and personality. Like God said, he made someone for you in this world. You just have to wait for that special someone to come to you.


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