What Went Wrong With the Bruins?

The Boston Bruins suffered a painful game 7 loss on Wednesday, April 25, 2012. It was a very horrific defeat that definitely stunned fans all over the East Coast. But how did they manage to lose? Well no matter how painful it will be let us examine a number of things that very well could have contributed to their inability to defeat the Capitals in this year’s playoffs.

Number One: Luck

As with any game there always has to be a bit of luck involved for the winning team. “Luck” is added up like this, Hard work + Bounces + Determination + Forechecking/Backchecking = Luck. So if this is what luck is then luck equals a win, and the bruins didn’t have one of the key elements of luck. Determination.

A perfect example of this “Luck”, is last year against Montreal. Same stress level and desire to win, but totally different outcome. It just goes to show that sometimes your gonna win, and other times you may end up with the short end of the stick and loosing.

Number Two: Bounces

Bounces happen when the puck becomes airborne and bounces randomly across the surface of the ice. Bruins defenseman Dennis Seidenberg said to NESN “A couple bounces here or there can take you a long way, “Last year those bounces went in our direction. This year it didn’t. It’s that close. You’ve got to work for your luck, and this time it didn’t happen.”

This is definitely a contributing cause for the loss, playing hockey I totally know how puck control and uncontrollable bounces can effect the games outcome.

The Verdict:

Look at it as simply as this; after coming off of a championship season, the B’s were in a high spot. They felt on top of the world and maybe a little indestructible too. The “eye of the tiger” is what they lost, for lack of better terms. It is almost like they were playing hard, but with too much self-confidence. They did not have their eyes set on the ultimate prize and in the end they let a very hard fought season go to waste.

Some say that because we just won the Stanley Cup, that the pain is eased and the burn is cooled, but myself, being a hardcore hockey player, knows how it feels to lose a big game, and no matter how good they did last year it doesn’t make up for the loss this year. This season the B’s dealt with injuries, intense practice time, mental strength challenges, and the challenge to show effort every game. Now all of that went down the tubes, and it is never easy.

Better luck next year, and hopefully the Bruins will be able to make another playoff run.


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