Red Sox 6-10 Start: Beginning of the End?

The Boston Red Sox have struggled to a 6-10 start at the beginning of the new season. The team went through a similarly alarming start at the beginning of last year’s season and went on to miss the playoffs. Could this be a sign of history repeating itself?

Many fans have been alarmed by this year’s start and have already gone into panic mode. Critics have already started pointing fingers at Red Sox players and staff. Many wonder what the Red Sox can do to turn this season’s bad start into a happy ending.

The primary figure that’s been blamed for the Red Sox start has been their new manager Bobby Valentine. Valentine, known for his big personality, had recently questioned the commitment of  respected star, Kevin Youkilis, which prompted Dustin Pedroia to call out the manager on not keeping his thoughts in the club house. That incident followed with a five game losing streak plus a demoralizing loss to the New York Yankees have already put Bobby V. on the hot seat. However, Valentine commented, “I wouldn’t have come here if I didn’ t think it would be a challenge.” Valentine also said that “he wasn’t satisfied with the job that he’s done.” Hopefully Valentine and the players will be able to work together as the season progresses.

The players have made their share of mistakes too. The pitching has been terrible. After their first fourteen games, the pitching staff allowed twenty six home runs, worst in the major league. The bullpen is responsible for eleven of those runs. The bullpen’s terrible season was highlighted in the 15-9 loss to the Yankees, giving up 14 runs in three innings for the second time in franchise history. Three different relief pitchers have allowed five earned runs in one game with only one out. The Red Sox simply lack a game changing pitcher.

The Red Sox may just lack the star power that they have had in previous seasons. Injuries to Jacoby Ellsbury, Daisuke Matsuzaka,and Carl Crawford have greatly reduced the Red Sox talent. The Red Sox may ultimately just not have enough talent to make it to the playoffs this season.

While this season hasn’t brought forth much to be hopeful for, there are some signs of hope. David Ortiz is having a wonderful season. The Red Sox might grow closer as a club house. The Sox have won two games in a row. There is still a chance that the Red Sox could salvage a successful season.


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  1. The Ellsbury injury does not help the situation in Boston at all. But they are 4th in runs scored and 2nd in batting average so they will have to lean on offense until they figure out the picthing.

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