Drawing It Out – Linda Olsson

Here at South Lancaster Academy, there is another student I know, who is VERY good with drawing. Her artwork is breath-taking and simply beautiful. Her name is – Linda Olsson, she’s a senior here at SLA, with amazing drawing talents. I asked her some questions to get to know more about her and her views on drawing. Here are the questions with great answers:

1.) How long have you’ve been drawing for?

“My family overall is very creative, and driven, in their own ways. One of my sister’s has impecable skill in picking up any instrument she wishes. She’ll learn it so fast. My other sister is so focused on studies, It’s not really artists that inspire me, but my family. They each excel in something amazing, art is my thing, I guess.”

2.) Do you have any artists who inspire you? if so, who?

“I’ve been drawing since elementary school. It started out with tracing spongebob until I could draw him freehand, and I just kept challenging myself with different, more advanced pictures, like: eyes, people, scenery, animals, etc.”

3.) What type of style do you do for drawing?

“I love drawing people, especially faces. It’s the greatest challenge to take on: to capture every detail, every shadow, every glimmer in their faces. To me it’s not enough to just draw the right connecting lines, it’s capturing the actual expression. I also love making different graphic posters. ‘Doodling’ is the best way to spend time.”

4.) Do you plan on taking this talent out for a career?

“Not right away, but it’s most definitely going to be a huge part of my life. I’m actually going into the medical field, but I want to get my minor in the arts,  that as a hobby/part-time job on the side. As of right now I draw/paint family portraits, senior portraits, senior photos, etc.  for whoever asks me.

5.) Any other secret talents you have, that no one knows?

“The one thing no one knows is that I write, I am writing some books (none of them are finished yet).”

Linda Olsson

Talents come in different shapes, sizes and forms. Everyone has a talent, everyone has a purpose, even if they don’t realize it. God made you for a reason, even if it’s your smile to change the world. Be happy, be thankful – thank God.


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