Jailbreaking your Apple Product: is it Worth it?

Jailbreaking your Apple product has never been easier. There is no longer a need to hack into it from your PC thanks to the now various apps that do it for you, like Jailbreak Me.

People have all different kinds of reasons for jailbreaking their phones, tablets etc. My purpose is to plainly state the pros and cons for very common reasons for jailbreaking.


Access to T-Mobile’s GSM NetworkIn non-techy terms, this network is very up-to-date, reliable, and fast. Jailbreaking your product gives you unlimited access from your home, job, or even overseas to this network, even if you are signed on to another carrier.

All the “Cool” apps: One of the most popular reasons for jailbreaking your apple product is the free apps. After you Jailbreak it, you can get any desired app for free. Also, you gain access to limited or “special” apps that can only be downloaded through jailbreaking. A popular app like this is MiFi, which transforms your phone or tablet into a mobile wifi hotspot, even where there is absolutely no internet connection. Some other “cool apps” include ProTube and Overflow.

Fast and easy: One of the best parts about software such as Jailbreakme is how quick and easy it is to open up your iPhone. According to PC World there is no need to download software onto your desktop or hunt for updates that dodge jailbreak-killing iTunes updates — by using the Web browser, the whole process takes less than a few minutes over a Wi-Fi connection.

No Worries…Almost: Jailbreaking your apple product has almost no risk, simply because all you have to do to reverse the jailbreaking is factory reset your device when you plug-in to iTunes.


Click here for a longer list of reasons for jailbreaking, and to see other information that this article did not include.

Bricking: Just like whenever you mess with any technology, you run the risk of experiencing “bricking.” Basically bricking means that your phone is unusable, you cannot access any of your data or files, and your phone goes into a lock mode. This is not really a big, big deal seeing that you can reset it yourself or by going to an apple dealer, but it is a possible consequence.

Voiding Warranty: Though it’s now legal to jailbreak your iPhone, doing so still voids your phone’s warranty. (PC world) Without a valid warranty, Apple will not cover any damages or other mishaps related to your device. Basically if you are a type of person that frequently messes up your devices you would want to do everything you can to keep that warranty.

There are other benefits and cons about jailbreaking your handheld device, but the major ones are listed above for you. Have you recently jailbroken our iPhone? Leave us a comment and let us know about your experience, either good or bad.


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