The NFL Deals With The Saints’ Bounty Hunters

Recently, something huge has arisen in the NFL. A scandal nicknamed “Bountygate”. The culprits of this scandal are the New Orleans Saints. It has been confirmed that the

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Saints’ defensive coordinator Greg Williams, under head coach Sean Payton who knew about it, had told his defensive players to hit opposing players as hard as they can during games. It is rumored Williams has even been paying players money after games to make  hard hits on specific high profile players. This completely contradicts what the NFL has been trying to eliminate. Hard hits taking players out of games has been a issue in the NFL for years. The NFL has been penalizing players that have been giving such hard hits. James Harrison of the Pittsburg Steelers is a good example. He has been fined many times for brutal, concussion-causing hits. It is rumored Williams been paying players money after games to make  hard hits on specific players or in general.

A former Saints player apparently told the NFL about this, and rumors have gone around that it was former Saint Jeremy Shockey, who now plays for the Carolina Panthers. Upon hearing the news the NFL quickly reacted. They immediately began investigating, and linked the bounty with past games where Saints’ players dropped other players without mercy. There have also been some ex-players that were upset about this situation. Not so much the fact of illegal hits, but more the fact that an ex-player ‘snitched’ on the team. One of the people is Warren Sapp, who said that these situations have been happening forever and that keeping your mouth shut is an honor code that every player on any team should follow.

The NFL, led by Commissioner  Roger Goodell, gave out hard punishments for the culprits. Sean Payton was suspended for the whole 2012-2013 season without pay, costing him $7,500,000. Former defensive coordinator Greg Williams was suspended indefinitely, and the Saints organization was fined $500,000. Some say that this punishment is too severe, but the NFL has a different view. The NFL claims if a lawsuit arises in the future related to injuries, they can say when “Bountygate” occurred that the punishments were severe and that anyone who violated the rules were doing it at their own risk.

The question then arises, who will coach the Saints? It has been heard that Sean Payton contacted ex-coach Bill Parcells about potentially coaching the Saints during Payton’s year of suspension.

So all in all the NFL has shown other team organizations that they need to obey the rules or suffer the consequences. They have definitely done that with the example of Bountygate.


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