SLA Announces Advanced Placement Classes for 2012-13 School Year

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South Lancaster Academy is a small, private school where students don’t have an excessive amount of money laying around… so when teachers like Mr. Lambert decide to start teaching Advanced Placement classes, it’s a big deal. Students are excited about Mr. Lambert’s plan to offer new classes for advanced placement credit next year and are eager to take them. Other teachers like Mrs. Brahmia and Mr. Bisson have shown insterest in giving advanced placement classes as well, and may so in the future. Mr. Bisson says “I would be interested in giving advanced placement classes but I am not planning on it for this next school year.”

Mrs. Vandenbroek’s words show interest but also give good reasons on why we haven’t had advanced placement classes before.  “I would like to see advanced placement classes at SLA but I know it is difficult because of students’ schedules and it would take up more of the teachers’ time.”

Mr. Lambert stated he will be offering two courses: A.P. Government and A.P. European History. Nothing is finalized but “I’ve followed the application process to the “T” and there shouldn’t be any reason for them to reject the two classes” Mr. Lambert said eagerly.  Mr. Lambert has submitted a syllabus for each class to The Collegeboard for review. He should know sometime in April whether or not the classes will be approved.

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

There is an approval process that students have to go through to take the A.P. classes being offered; it’s based on the student’s GPA and Iowa test scores. For the A.P. Government class, students will be placed in the same classroom regardless of the track they take. A.P. students will be given different  assignments to prepare for the official Collegeboard test at the end of the year.

Mr. Lambert is nice enough to have created a plan to provide A.P. students a “safety net” as well. If an A.P. student fails the CollegeBoard test at the end of the year, the student doesn’t get the A.P. credit, but Mr. Lambert will let the student drop down to the college prep Government class final and get credit for that.

Junior Helio Ferreira said “I think these classes will be cool and give us a chance to get ahead of the competition”, when asked about the future A.P. classes.

Junior Kofi Omane says “I’m excited that he’s giving them but I wish they had been offered earlier.”

Sophomore Pablo Huerfano said “I am definitely taking them and I’m really happy that he’s offering those classes.”

Mr. Lambert is also trying to start a Springboard program in the near future as well, which is an honors class system for Seventh and Eighth graders to help them prepare for A.P. classes in high school.

Many students are excited about next years A.P. history classes being offered and are planning on attempting to get in at least one . Good luck!


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