SLA’s New Substitute Science Teacher

Photo Courtesy of Natalia Perez and Alyssia Cutler

As many of you know, Mrs. Brahmia, our beloved science teacher, is pregnant and due on April 20th, she has decided to take the rest of the year off and prepare to spend time with her soon-to-be born child. She appears to be very excited about it. The students are already missing Mrs. Brahmia’s fun and easy presence here at South Lancaster Academy, and it’s only the first week of her absence.

Junior Deanna Howard said “I think that we’re missing out on learning as much as we could have.”

Junior Kofi Omane stated “I am greatly saddened about Mrs. Brahmia’s departure.”

Senior Brittany Madden is “Very disappointed because I don’t have that strong science support that she offers.”

Junior Nikolas Archilla said “It kinda stinks because she was cool.”

The new substitute for the  Science Dept. for the remainder of the year is Daniel Mendoza. He went to Atlantic Union College and graduated in 2011 with a B.A. in Religion. Mr. Mendoza enjoys working out, playing semi-pro football, playing video games and spending time with his wife of a year and 2 months, Lynise.

When asked how he is enjoying SLA so far, Mr. Mendoza said  “I love to work with kids, and so far, they are good.”

When asked about what they thought of Mr. Mendoza, student comments varied.

Seniors Johannes Sorto and Lucero Castallanos said “It’s great that he’s come in and is doing his best to fill very large shoes.”

Junior Ashley Bottis and Freshmen Lisa Gifford say that Mr. Mendoza “Keeps us on task and makes us focus. He isn’t flexible about the rules; if your phone is out, he’ll take it even if you’re not using it.”

Hopefully the new science teacher turns out to be a fun, knowledgeable teacher that the students at SLA will grow to enjoy.


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