Key Patriots Pick-Ups, And Who To Focus On Next.

It seems that the New England Patriots may have some  tricks up their sleeve so far this off-season.They have brought in some free agents that they hope will be of help to them in the season to come. It seems that they have picked up mainly key offensive players, in order to hopefully focus on defense and the line in the draft. Some of the team’s current additions include:

 Brandon Lloyd (WR): Picked up on Saturday  March 17, Lloyd is a player who is often compared to Spider-Man due to his sticky, web-like hands. Although he hasn’t had a big season since 2010, his lack of stats may be because of the quarterbacks he has played with, such as St. Louis.  So  just relax and have some faith in Brandon “Spidey” Lloyd.



 Anthony Gonzalez (WR): Also added on Saturday, the former Colts wideout was brought in to give the Pats one more weapon to utilize on offensive, and provide an extra option for Brady. Although injuries have greatly limited his ability to perform over the last 3 years, Gonzalez seems to be improving, and if healthy he could prove to be a valuable asset for the team’s offense. Also Anthony Gonzalez’s likely minimum-salary contract makes his signing a low-risk, high-reward move for the Pats, writes Mike Reiss from  ESPNbostonglobe.


 Steve Gregory (S): Gregory did not receive much interest from many other teams, and is not really spoken of often, but though some don’t see much potential analyst Mike Reiss says he is “very versatile & plays with great effort”. So even though little is to be said about the real outcome of this deal, Bill always has a trick up his sleeve. Throughout the 2011 season Gregory racked in 67 tackles and 1 interception.


Other Additions to the team include: (DE) Trevor Scott, (CB) Marquice Cole, (DT) Marcus Harrison, and a recent addition of an old friend (WR) Dante Stallworth.

After all of the deals are over and teams have re-stocked their arsenal, the season will begin, and not only will it be a good beginning it will also be a very interesting road back to the Super Bowl for the Pats. Have faith fans; we are predicted to win the Superbowl by Madden ’13 simulations this year. GO PATRIOTS!


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