Life After Old Smokey

Urgent Appeal

By: Scott Fellows

Running to my window just before the start of class,

I spy a horrid storm of filth—or is it clouds of gas?

And while I’m squinting through the squall and glowering at the dust,

It dawns on me: The culprit is none other than our BUS!

Volcanic smoke is belching out from every which direction;

Imagine the reaction of the guys who’ll do inspection!

Yes, May is when the deadline comes, and by the looks of it,

We’d better drive this smoking trap into the nearest pit!

So for the sake of student health and our environment,

And for the sake of further shame and gross embarrassment,

I plead, I beg, beseech, appeal, entreat, and supplicate:

Prioritize an upgrade bus before it gets too late!

I’m sure that many people have seen our bus start up for field trips, basketball away games or ski trips to Mount Wachusett…and I’m sure that our dear old bus has amazed you with all its black smoke filling the atmosphere. It’s amazing that we haven’t gotten complaints from the fire department… it’s bad but true. The bus itself is perfectly safe but the school is “Expecting that the bus will not pass inspection due to emissions” Mrs. Daum states.

South Lancaster Academy’s bus has about 250,000 miles on it and was bought, new, in 1986, “as a baby and delivered to us in a blanket” Mr. Huff jokes humorously. The SLA bus is a 1986 Thomas Bus painted purple and white to support our school. It is quite a unique and special bus and we are sad to say that it won’t be available to us this year on May 1. The bus inspections expire on May 31, 2012.

A new bus is needed and the price to get one is about $100,000. The school is already looking through our options and Mrs. Jamie Daum, along with the 2012 Senior Class, is fundraising to help get money for the new bus. The seniors are holding a Red Carpet Banquet sometime in the next few months and are asking for donations as well. All donations will be going to the bus and the ticket prices will be split 50/50 between the Senior Class and the new bus fund.

Students appear to be excited and exasperated with what they feel has been long overdue. Junior Deanna Howard says just that “I think it’s long overdue.” Sophomore Lucas Raposo is very excited “Please, please, please get a new bus.” Concerning Old Smokey? Sophomores Frankie Vazquez and Mitchell Hall say “We will miss Old Smokey but we want a new bus.” One student mentioned the color of the bus. Sophomore Dan King was quick to say “I don’t think it should be painted our school colors.” And freshmen Raissa Silva was very adamant about getting a new bus, saying “We need a new bus, let’s put it that way. It’s a turn off for the school and it makes us look, and smell, trashy.”

The school is very eager to get a new bus and we’re all excited about what it will look like and how different the new bus will be from Old Smokey.


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