SLA Sophomores Share Black History Month Projects With Elementary Students

The month of February is  Black History Month. From February 13-17  the junior class of South Lancaster Academy set aside time to focus on learning and sharing their knowledge about some of America’s most important African American contributors.

Their teacher, Mr. Lambert, designed a project for the students to be able to learn and share their findings about famous figures with younger students. Students were assigned different prominent African Americans, such as Ben Carson, George Washington Carver, Ernie Davis, Louis Armstrong and Arthur Ashe were just some of the names covered during this project. Their task was to create a presentation about the individual’s background, accomplishments, and impact on today’s society to present to their fellow classmates and a class of elementary students. It took about a week of research, discussion, and preparation for the students to come up with their completed presentations. The Pioneer sat down with Mr. Lambert and a couple of juniors and fourth graders to get a bigger picture about how this project went.

Q: What was the project about?

A: “The project was for students to conduct research and create a presentation about the contributions of different African Americans throughout US history. Their task was to present their findings to their fellow classmates and to the 4th Grade class.”

Q: Who were some of the people that were researched?

A: “There were many, ranging from Louis Armstrong, Author Ashe, Ernie Davis, Muhammad Ali, Ben Carson, Wintley Phipps, Sojourner Truth, and George Washington Caver. All of the people were very interestingly presented by the students, who highlighted different events and aspects of their individual’s lives.”

The students participating in putting together some of these presentations took some time to talk about what they enjoyed and learned from this project.

Kofi Omane: “I really enjoyed teaching the kids about Meadowlark Lemon, who was a Harlem Globe Trotter. It was fun for me to be able to connect with the young students about a person who I admired and was famous for playing my favorite sport,basketball!”

Deanna Howard: “I liked being able to sit down with the kids and talk with them about the different people presented and see who they liked and what interested them.

Adam Gagnon: “The aspect that I enjoyed the most about this whole assignment was teaching the little kids about someone that made an impact on our history and to see that they actually enjoyed it.”

Alena Bruso: “This project was interesting and fun at the same time. It opened my eyes to more people of a different culture than mine that had so many wonderful achievements and accomplishments that made a difference in how I live today. But I also had fun teaching the little ones who listened carefully and asked some questions too.”

Audience: The young kids in fourth grade were asked how they like the presentations and what were some of their thoughts.

Seung Hee Jin: “It was kinda awesom. The awesome part about all the presentations were the visuals. But it was alot of talking.”

Nathan Johnson:”It was weird. But there were some really cool people. My favorite was Muhamid Ali!”

Jullie Lopes: “I liked the girls’ posters the BEST! I like how the posters were split into little parts and all the different people that were talked about.”

Emmanuel Francis: “I liked all how the posters were displayed especially all the pictures. But my favorite person was the jazz guy, Louis Armstrong. I learned a lot!”


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