An Extra Vacation Week This School Year? It’s a Possibility!

South Lancaster Academy has announced we will be having a possible extra vacation week for April 16-20. These vacation days are actually called Flex Days. The purpose of them was to have additional back-up days to cover cancellations from common winter events such as snow or ice storms. Due to the lack of these this school year, those flex days are possibly turning in to extra vacation days for Browning & SLA students.

If by chance we do happen to have any more snow days, students and parents don’t have to worry about adding more days to the end of the school year to meet the total number of mandatory school days. If there is a snow day, those flex days will be used instead. If no more cancellations are needed in the next month, then those flex days become vacation days. . So either way, it’s a win-win situation for everyone. SLA principal, Mr. Huff, will be officially announcing this possible extra vacation time on March 28th.

Students were asked on how they feel about this additional “break” :

Sophomore Alyssia Cutler stated “I personally don’t care if we have an extra break even though I know a lot of students who do need the break because they stress themselves too much during school.

“I feel so excited.” Junior Jennifer Sierra happily exclaimed. “I’m gonna be sleeping until 12 in the afternoon and not a second earlier. Yay!”

” I’m excited to have an extra week to rejuvenate myself and get ready for another week of school.” Sophomore Jordanne Howell-Walton said.

Students generally didn’t have much to say, since it’s the first time flex days are an actual possibility. But most of them seem to welcome the idea of an extra vacation week. Hopefully it will be a permanent installment into our yearly schedule.


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