A Glimpse into SLA’s Spring Student Events

This school year has seen several events that the Student Association has designed for the students and faculty alike to enjoy. These upcoming Spring months hopes to be a blast, as the Student Association finalizes its activities for students to participate in.

The SLA Pioneer sat down with some of the Student Association officers to discuss the possibilities for upcoming events that may hopefully come to be!

Vice President Johannes Sorto shared that “Some [ideas we have] are really interesting like a spring Handshake. This event would include group activities where students are separated randomly to compete in different games. The mixing of classes is done so that students can get to know each other and interact with other people. Kind of like a little shove out of their comfort zone, but in a way to bring the school closer together.”

Another Activity that is being debated is a go-carting/ laser tag trip to a local venue. The goal is to create student bonding time and to allow students the thrill of trying something new that most students have not gone all within a reasonable price.

There are other possibilities that are being discussed for students to enjoy currently by the Student Association. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available!


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