Should the Celtics Trade Rondo?

For the past couple of weeks rumors have been floating around the NBA regarding Celtics all-star Rajon Rondo. Many sources have said that the C’s have been aggressively shopping Rondo on the trade market. Celtics general manager, Danny Ainge, and head coach, Doc Rivers, have both denied these reports. These reports have left many fans wondering, why would the Celtics try to trade Rondo?

For the past couple of years, Rajon Rondo has arguably been the Celtics’ best player, making three straight all-star games and gaining leaguewide acknowledgment as one of its best point guards. These accomplishments, along with his youth, make him the Celtics’ top trading chip.

However, Rondo has had several reported conflicts with Doc Rivers and has had some moments of immaturity. Rondo has also gained fame as being one of the most inconsistent all-stars in the league. This was shown recently when Rondo put up a monstrous 18 points, 20 assists and 17 rebounds against the New York Knicks. A few games before that, Rondo went 0 for 6 from the field against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The question is whether these faults are prominent enough to merit a trade.

The biggest reason, in my opinion, why the Celtics have reportedly been trying to trade Rondo have been for rebuilding purposes. The Celtics are currently the seventh seed in the Eastern Conference; a long drop from being in contention for the first seed last year. From what we’ve seen from the Celtics during this season, it’s clear that it’s time to start rebuilding. With the Celtics now being one of the oldest teams in the league, it’s obvious that the Celtics need to start collecting young talent. The Celtics management probably thought that they could get a more solid foundation piece by trading Rondo. Unfortunately, not many teams have shown  interest in the young point guard.

When asked if the Celtics should trade Rondo, Junior Helio Ferreira said “They should definitely keep him. He just had a great game. He can be the best point guard in the game if he applies himself.”

Sophomore Luis Reveron had a different opinion. “I think they should trade him so they can start rebuilding their franchise again.”

As I said earlier in the article, Rondo just had a historical game that few people in league history have had. This, alongside the fact that there haven’t been many good offers for him, will probably keep Rondo in a Celtics uniform…for now.


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