Constituency Meeting Happenings

On Thursday, February 23, 2012, the annual Constituency Meeting was held at South Lancaster Academy. To start it off the 6th grade played chimes and Pastor Robert Sierra had worship. Afterwards principal Ron Huff  gave the Academy report. Vice-principal Theresa Robidoux then gave the Elementary report,which included a recap of the special programs offered for the students so far this year such as the anti-bullying and wildlife showcase assemblies. In addition, the 2012-2013 school year budget was approved and the constitution and by-laws committee were voted on and approved.

“Probably the most exciting thing that happened at the constituency meeting was when the Master Plan was approved and set into motion” SLA history teacher, Jeff Lambert, stated.

The Master Plan is a plan to rebuild and improve the Browning and SLA buildings. As of right now,  $13,000 has been raised to be put towards hiring an architectural firm to draw up plans and complete an analysis of the current state of the buildings. From there, fund raising will continue based on recommendations from the firms hired by the school. The plan is to have, possibly, a complete rebuilding of Browning Elementary and South Lancaster Academy; it’s a work-in-progress, meaning it will be a couple of years before everything is done; the plan is to break ground by 2015.

When asked about the meeting, many teachers said “no comment” but Mrs. Robidoux thankfully said “It seemed to be positive and I hope it will move our school in a good direction.”

A parent, Rita Allain, had good things to say about how well the meeting progressed. “I felt that it went fairly well. There were some very important decisions regarding the future of our school. After much discussion there were a few unanimous votes throughout the evening. People had some good questions and concerns which were responded to by various members of the administration, board and commitee members. We, as a school community, are fortunate to have members who are planning for our school’s future, instread of being reactionary. Now it’s up to us as a school and alumni community to provide our support as best we can.”


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