Truth to Rumors: Longer School Days and Full Uniform?

Truth or Rumor? Recently, word has been going around that next coming academic year, 2012-2013, school days might be extended.
According to sources, this statement is true. Next year students might be dismissed from classes at 20 minutes later at 3:34 instead of 3:15. When asked about why this change was suggested, Principal Huff replied, “To extend time required for certain classes. We need to increase the level of math time to help math scores improve. More schools are doing it also, but the decision isn’t set in stone yet.”

Truth or Rumor: Is it true that next year the dress code will be altered to a full uniform?
This statement is a rumor. When Principal Huff was asked concerning this, he retorted, “I’m not intending to change anything other than what we have.” He also went on to mention that this decision doesn’t completely depend on the school, but also has to be talked about in the conference. When asked if he thought having a full uniform would lessen problems we’ve had in the past with dresscode, he quickly replied, “I really don’t think anything will change. Students will always continue to defy the dresscode.”

Students were asked how the would feel if we really did end up having a school uniform Sophomore Elena Shand answered: “I think the full uniform would be really cool. It relieves some of that morning stress of figuring out what to wear and makes kids feel less pressured to keep up with the latest fashions.”

“Im in between.” Senior Brittany Madden responded. “Yes because it allows for those who feel they can’t afford Hollister or Abercrombie clothing to not feel ridiculed or looked down upon by others. It also makes the school look a lot more organized. And no, because it’s so much money to buy all of that and if you’re a senior you have to buy all of this stuff that you will only be using for a year before you graduate and leave to college.”

“No, because I think it would be more complicated time wise like taking a long time to change for gym class and I think they look bad. They also would probably feel really hot on warmer days.” Sophomore Brandon Beneche retorted.


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