Crusaders’ First Round Exits

After two successful seasons, both the girls and guys varsity basketball teams continued their run of success and made the playoffs this year. Both teams only lost five games this season. After two outstanding regular seasons the two teams were looking to make deep runs in the playoffs.

The girls faced Sutton High School at Sutton on February 28. Coming into the game, things looked tough as the Sutton team appeared to be very formidable. The girls started off with a solid start, scoring the first basket in the game. However, the girls couldn’t keep their momentum and quickly fell behind. The play of Sutton, the hostility of the Sutton fans, and the uninspired play of the Crusader girls led to a crushing 65-27 loss. The hustle and determination of players like Junior Tia Allain and especially Sophomore Elena Shand, who played the game with pneumonia, cushioned the loss somewhat. The team’s highest scorer was Elena Shand, who had 15 points.

The guys played Hopedale High School at home on March 1. The guys entered the game feeling very emotional and eager to progress in the playoffs. However, things didn’t go well from the start. Plagued by missed free throws, inconsistent outside shooting, turnovers, and poor execution, the guys fell into an early slump and never recovered. Despite the effort and heart shown by players like Senior Eduardo Cunha and Junior Adam Gagnon, the guys fell to Hopedale in a heartbreaking  26-55 loss in front of their home crowd.

Despite the disappointing performances by both teams, their coaches offered words of encouragement that lightened everyone’s mood in the midst of the post game heartbreak. Coach Gifford told the girls “I am proud of how well you did this season” and how they “went from winning one game last season to making the playoffs this season.” She also said that “They have some new goals for next year.”

Coach Cady told the guys that he “Was proud to coach each of them” and even though the team ended the season on disappointing loss, “we were all winners in His book.”

While losing is never fun, both Crusader teams have much to be proud of . The girls finished with the best record in school history, and the guys finished with their best record in several years.

As the sports editor and member of the guy’s basketball team, I’d like to say that it’s been a great experience covering the Crusaders this year and I hope that next year ends even better!


About Brandon B.

I'm a proud Christian, above average sports fan and I'm currently in the process of growing up.

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