Considering The Military? Choose The Right Branch First!

So many young people today are considering the decision to join the U.S. military. Now to avoid disappointment, you must first choose the branch that best conforms to your needs. Below is an overview of each major military branch and some factors to consider.

The U.S. Army: Offers an very intense training program similar to that of the Marines but slightly shorter. Soldiers in the Army must be ready to stand up and defend against our country’s enemies using both physical and emotional force. This branch offers the largest number of MOS’s (military occupational specialties), so there will always be something for every interest category, including Law Enforcement, Infantry, Engineering, Chaplaincy, and Chemical-Biological jobs. In the Army there is also a very well balanced amount of having to fight in battle and perform intelligence operations.

Army Requirements: Must be between the ages of 17-42, and pass the ASVAB with a minimum score of 31. What is the ASVAB?

The U.S. Marines: For almost all intents and purposes the Marines are considered riflemen first. In their basic combat training course, the Marines receive more marksmanship training than any other branch. The basic training course of a Marine is also slightly longer than the other branches. As a smaller armed force they also are good at converting their “dollar power” into “combat power” seeing that their budget is not as large as branches such as the Air Force. Another cool piece of information about the Marines is, they can deploy and land on foreign territory, and it will not be considered an act of war.  So in summary if you are battle hungry, and want to be in on more action than intelligence, this branch might be right for you.

Marine Requirements: Must be between the ages of 17-29, and pass the ASVAB with a minimum score of 31.

The U.S. Navy: The U.S. Navy is alot more relaxed than the Army and Marines. They don’t focus as much on marksmanship, but are more geared toward tradition and their customs. They are primarily involved on everything involving the sea, and ocean-warfare. They have amazing tactics and are very proficient in what they do. All in all the Navy is a very respectable branch of service. A good option for someone who is comfortable on land and water, and can withstand being at sea for long periods of time.

Navy Requirements: Must be between the ages of 17-34, and pass the ASVAB with a minimum score of 35.

The U.S. Air Force: The Air Force that the United States has is a very respectable bunch of guys, not to mention possessing a very impressive compilation of technology and machinery. It is a branch to consider if you enjoy working with computers, electronics, and data. The Air Force brags better housing units than all of the other branches, but is on average the most difficult to get into in terms of education. In other words without at least a high school diploma your chances of getting into the Air Force are slim.

Air Force Requirements: Must be between the ages of 17-27, and pass the ASVAB with a minimum score of 36.


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