Teens for Jeans: Together We Make A Difference!

This past week  South Lancaster Academy has been focused on making a difference for homeless and less privileged teens in the nearby city of Worcester by doing a fundraiser. Gerson Corominas is a Junior at South Lancaster Academy who coordinated this program for the school to participate in. This program is run by Aeropostale nation-wide in high schools and churches who have decided to host the program for needy teens. In this program, the school or organization who brings in the most jeans gets a donation for educational purposes to use as needed. The person in each school or organization who collected/donated the most jeans gets a free pair of new jeans. Any others who donate any amount of jeans gets a discount for a new pair from Aeropostale.

Collectively as a school, SLA collected 171 jeans. It was amazing to see the high school students come together for this cause in the short two weeks that it was held. The following are some facts that may surprise you but are crucial reasons as to why South Lancaster Academy joined in to make a difference.

  • 1 in 3 homeless people in the US is under the age of 18
  • In 4 years Teens for Jeans hascollected and donated over 1.5 million jeans

The Pioneer sat down to interview the Gerson about Teens for Jeans and why and how he started a drive here at SLA.

  Q: What motivated you to become involved in this program?

  A: “The previous jean donation drive that my store participated in, I had went along to visit the center where we were dropping    everything off. As my manager and I entered the shelter, the conditions shocked me while at the same time made me realize how    privileged I was. It also made me think twice about giving back to the community so I decided to help them out by actively participating    my school in the Teens for Jeans Program.”

Q: What was the process that you had to go through to start this drive at school?

A: “I went to Mr. Huff, the principal of SLA with papers and forms to sign. And when I had finished making the proposal he emphatically agreed to allow the drive to take place at school. So with encouragement and help from friends, family, the school, and the communities involved we made a big impact.”

Q: What was your favorite part about doing this fundraiser?

A: “I really enjoyed organizing and directing it. And knowing that I was a part of an effort to help others and making a difference in peoples lives made it such a thrill and exciting matter.”

Q: Would you consider doing this again?

A: “I would love do it again. Except I want to put more time and effort to join the whole community, churches, and families in this drive to help others.”

Q: Who brought in the most jeans?

A: “Elena Shand in the sophomore class brought in a total of 17 jeans for the program!”

Q: Do you have any words to say to the students and families that donated?

A: “Thanks so much for all the donations. They (students) have helped make such a difference in so many lives. I also want to remind the students to not take anything for granted and to be willing to share with others the gifts God has given them”.


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