Senior Night: A Tribute to SLA Basketball

This past Saturday, February 11 was Senior Night at SLA. Seniors on the basketball team were honored for their contributions to the team and were given various gifts of gratitude for all their hard work. Senior Night is always an emotional experience because players realize that their journey as an SLA  Crusader is about to end.

As I’ve said in previous articles that SLA is a basketball school. Many students dream of the day that they get to represent this Academy in the Crusader uniform. Hours are spent at home, in the gym, or on the playground practicing their skills. When they finally make the team, they spend even more hours working in practice, by themselves, or with their peers. Once a year, the school honors the senior Crusaders for all of their hard work and dedication to the team.

We talked to several seniors to see how they felt on senior night and what playing basketball at SLA has meant to them. Senior guard Adrian Olivera said, “It was very emotional. I realized that that was my last Saturday home game in front of all my friends. Playing basketball’s been my life. It’s taught me the importance of responsibility and thankfulness.”

Senior point guard, Esther Owusu said, “It was bittersweet to play my last home game. It made me look back to how it all started and I thank everyone who made it possible. Playing basketball on a team has taught me patience and leadership while having a good time. I’m really going to miss the relationships that I have built with my teammates and I am looking forward to playing against them in the future Alumni Games! ”

Senior forward, Eduardo Cunha said, “I felt my blood pumping! The excitement flowing through my veins! I saw the future! I felt compelled to become a better person in life. I was enlightened with the passion of the moment! It was a glorious day! Basketball has been my life. I have learned the importance of endurance and motivation.”

As the seniors stated, basketball means a lot to the students of SLA. For some students, basketball gives them a way of expressing themselves. For others, it’s a way to make new friends. But for pretty much everybody, playing basketball is a just a lot of fun.

Ever since SLA started its basketball program in 1983, many students have contributed their time and effort into playing. I feel like Senior Night is a tribute to current seniors, previous Crusaders, and SLA basketball in general.


About Brandon B.

I'm a proud Christian, above average sports fan and I'm currently in the process of growing up.

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