Gotta Have It: Essential Tech for Students

In our world today,  students are depending more and more on the handheld technology and laptops that make getting their work done that much easier. This article aims to lend a helping hand to students looking to make the right tech choices to help them excel in school. Below are a list of mobile and web apps that will help you get the job done. App: Compatible with the iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and more. It consists of a large dictionary and thesaurus which gives access to over 2 million words, and their definitions. It has been named a top app for students and the iPad by U.S. News and World Report, you don’t even need an Internet connection once you have downloaded this app. This means that the entire dictionary and thesaurus’ are available offline.

 My Homework App: Want assurance that you don’t forget to hand assignments on time? Simply download this app. The My Homework App makes it easier to keep track of all your homework, classes, projects and upcoming tests, while providing the ability to color code them you simply can’t lose anything. The app even notifies you when you have late or upcoming assignments by numbering them on your application icon list.

 Flash Cards App: A virtual pack of study cards that you can take anywhere you take your laptop or smart phone. The Flash Card App aids in helping you learn a new language, study for upcoming tests or quizes, make mental notes of errands that need to get done, and much more. It also gives you access to a number of study tips and resources to encourage you to learn and never give up. In addition to being able to show you the information, it can present in a number of ways suitable for any type of learner.

 Quizlet App: This app is comparable to the Flash Card App but adds a little more fun to the studying process. It contains all the things that it’s sister app has, but it is a little more “Supped-Up”. It Has not only the ability to present the information in a number of ways, but the ability to quiz you and record your progress. You can adjust the difficulty level on the quizes, the style, color, and now with the updated version you can learn all of this in over 10 languages. Compatible in a web app version and a smartphone app version, this app will really get it done when it comes to your studies.


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