Red Carpet Banquet: Hit or Miss?

Courtesy of Alyssia Cutler

On February 8, 2012, the Student Association hosted SLA’s second banquet of the year. Held at Boylston’s Cyprian Keyes, students who attended were welcomed with a Valentine’s Day-themed assortment of beautiful set decorations. After first arriving, students were given time to socialize and take pictures. Appetizers were offered, Ceasar and garden salads accompanied with bread, juice, and shirley temples. A voting was held for Prince, princess, king and queen honors which were won by Junior Helio Ferreira as prince,  Freshmen Lisa Gifford as princess, and Seniors Rhianna Cutler and Daanan Hall as king and queen. Subsequently, Mr. Bisson took over the stage, momentarily  entertaining us in between talent show acts with a game of deal or no deal. Each person was given a number under their napkins and when their number was called, they would come up and be offered a certain sum of cash. You would have to pick between the money offered, or pick to open 1 of 2 boxes set up on stage. You couldn’t see what was under the box, so for some students, it was hard to make a decision if taking the box was worth it or not.

Food was then served, the menu offered was:  Cheese lasagna, vegetable medley, prime steak, and garlic mashed potatoes. Assorted deserts were soon offered, as well. Seniors Tiya Quittmeyer and Marlene Martinez began the talent show, singing a remix of the songs “Take a Bow” and “Just Can’t Find the Words” with Senior Eduardo Cunha, accompanying them on the piano. Subesequently, Senior Harrington Brown and Eduardo Cunha serenaded us with the song “Hey Soul Sister”. Following them Junior Ethan Comley took over the stage with his electric guitar leaving us mesmerized with his talents. After his performance, Senior Harrington Brown performed again, singing “No One”. Lastly, Senior Chris Milliron entertained us with a comedy segment, bringing lots of laughs into the room.

The banquet concluded by announcing the talent show winners, which was taken by Tiya and Marlene as first place and Chris Milliron and Ethan Comley as second.

Students who attended the banquet were interviewed on their experience, and a few happily shared their opinions.

“It was fun.” Freshmen Raissa Silva retorted. “The talent show could’ve been a little bit better. I think more options of talents should’ve been offered to see and the person running the talent show should’ve been more open-minded about this. Food could’ve been a little bit better. The prizes were good for the talent show. I liked watching and playing “Deal or no Deal” that was fun. Over all, it was really fun.

” I thought it was fun. The food could’ve been better, but I had a lot of fun.” Senior Rachel Ebers said.

“It was nice.” Freshmen Alena Bruso replied. “It wasn’t boring cause we weren’t just sitting there the whole time. We actually had stuff going on.”

Sophomore Elena Shand added her opinion, “It was the best out of the 3 banquets we’ve had while I’ve been in highschool.”

Judging from these responses, this year’s Valentine’s Day banquet was deffinately a hit on entertainment, which is great because most banquets usually aren’t. Hopefully we have more successful events in the near future.


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