Lady Crusaders Make It To Playoffs!

South Lancaster Academy‘s basketball Lady Crusaders have made it to playoffs for the third time in SLA history! The first time was in 2004 with a record of 12-8. They were knocked out of playoffs in the first round by Bromfield with a score of 54-22. The second time Lady Crusaders made it to playoffs was in 2005 with a record of 13-8. They were knocked out of playoffs the first round as well but to Hopedale with a score of 62-39.

This year, 2012, Lady Crusaders have made it playoffs. So far their record is 8-3 in the league but in total, their record is 8-5 and they still have 3 more games. Let’s go Lady Crusaders! This year has brought in one new head coach and two new assistant couches. The head coach is Carolyn Gifford, the two assistant coaches are Anny Cunha and Rachel Southard. David Cady has also generously donated some of his time to help with practices and some games. Coach Gifford says “Pretty impressive turn around for a team that only won one game last year. I am so proud of them and how hard they have worked.”

It’s safe to say that the Lady Crusaders are very excited. Their captain, Esther Owusu, says “I’m very proud of each and every one because if it wasn’t for their combined effort we wouldn’t have made it this far. I feel privileged to be apart of this awesome team.”

*All wins are in bold.

Team                                 Us       Them

Main South                         25           65

Monty Tech                       30          35

AMSA                                 43          20

St. Mary’s                         34          26

Monty Tech                       38            43

Abby Kelly                      50          28

Bethany Christian       48          27

N. Brookfield                     47           48

St. Mary’s                        43            34

N. Central                       42           26

N. Brookfield                47           38

Abby Kelly                     47          39

Main South                     28           50


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